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Interview: Photographer Angela Ruscheinski

Interview: Photographer Angela Ruscheinski

What started your passion and pursuit of being a photographer?

How I started into photography is sort of backwards from most. It seems like the usual progression is to start shooting as a hobby, fall in love with it and then work towards making it a business. I went in the opposite order. I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer when I was 20. I wrote out a business plan (which I’m sure was laughable) and presented it to my Mom in hopes of convincing her to lend me the money for my first camera. She backed me on my dream and I began shooting for everyone I could, building a business as I went.

How would you distinguish your style?

I’m always aiming for an edge of sexyness in my work. I love warm, moody images with deep but vibrant colours and I like a mix between playful and intimate.

What was your last shoot like?

Last night I shot a session that was a real engagement, but also had a team of vendors collaborating on style. It’s so fun to be able to have creative input on colours and wardrobe and location and it’s a great feeling to have something come together that is a true representation of your own taste.

How do you determine the perfect moments to capture a shot.

One thing I know for sure is that all sessions are different and if I tried to shoot every couple the same way, it would be uncomfortable or forced for some. It’s important to vibe off of what type of people they are. Sweet and reserved, outdoing or silly, my goal is to play off of who they are and to elevate and encourage that.

What do YOU feel and see when you look at your work?

I get nostalgic when I look back at past weddings. I build relationships with these people and I get to share one of the most important days of their lives with them. I see the connections and the personalities when I look at old images and I hope that they can feel the moment and relive those times that I’ve captured for them.

What is your dream location? Our’s is the moon so you have to pick somewhere else.

Well, since the moon is out….

Shooting an elopement at Burning Man has always resonated with my hippy soul but truly I just want any wedding that is incredibly unique and passionate.

I want to wade barefoot out to a sandbar in Tofino where vows are exchanged surrounded by ocean as the tide closes in around us and I want to hike to some peak with a wedding dress in my backpack and shoot a ceremony as sunrise climbs over the horizon.

What do you hope to achieve with your work.

I’m always in constant competition with my self. If I feel like I’ve improved from where I was this time last year, I’m happy.

What is the most inspiring experience you’ve ever had.

In terms of photography, one of the best moments happened just at the beginning of this season. The brides parents had been together for 31 years, and her only wish on her wedding day was for them to finally be married as well. Right after the father daughter dance, they asked Mom to come up and join them, then the officiant as well, then he pulled out the rings and they had their ceremony right there on the dance floor. The Mom had NO idea and neither did the guests. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. I thought its was such a beautiful and selfless thing for the bride to share her day with her family like that.

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