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Interview: Photographer Federico Orihuela

Interview: Photographer Federico Orihuela

 Portrait of  Federico Orihuela

Portrait of Federico Orihuela

How did your interest in photography begin?

I discovered the photographic world after a trip to Patagonia in 2015. I came home and it felt like I was unable to express it with words with what I saw there, so the next day I bought a Nikon D5500, my first camera.

Where is your dream location and why?

Patagonia definitely, it changed the way I saw the world.

What is something you see the photography community lack?

Nothing in my opinion, social media has given us the chance of spreading the “word” and that’s what it’s all about, sharing the art.

What was your last shoot like?

My last shot was during a sunset in Rocha, the most beautiful state of Uruguay (where I’m from).

What would you like to see come out of your photography?

I’m obsessed with the emotions human beings are capable of, so my main goal is to share that sensorial experience trough my content

How has your life changed since being involved with photography?

Since I’ve had a camera I started to live in search of the little things, those details that makes us who we are in life.

What kinds of things did you learn that advanced your skills and creativity?

First of all practice is everything, knowing your gear is key, from there on it all becomes so much easier.

Anything that you wish people understood better about you and your work?

As I said before, my work’s focus its on the little moments and emotions of our lives, so I want to encourage people to live in search of those.

“Love the life you live”
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