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Interview: Photographer Jennifer Griffith

Interview: Photographer Jennifer Griffith

 Portrait of  Jennifer  by  Kate Keyt

Portrait of Jennifer by Kate Keyt

Where did your passion and adoption of photography begin?

I began in the Lightroom at about 15 years old! Somewhere between controlling depth of fields, developing film, and what I felt when I went through the entire process with my own images gave me such a sense of wonder and inspiration.

How would you distinguish your style?

Oh gosh, that is a tough one! I believe that we were all created as individuals for a reason. Each person with different ideas, thoughts, inspirations and styles. I feel like there is a definite art to listening to what’s inside and using it to create. I don’t feel like I strive to be “different” per sè, but rather stay true to my authentic self. There is such a freedom in owning your ideas and not being afraid to bring them into fruition.

Are there any ways who you are comes out in your work?

Absolutely! I think that in my photos you can see that I like to mix moody and empowering poses. I rarely have someone pose with their head down unless I’m trying to portray a certain mood. I’m definitely a “chin up” type of director. I’m also such a firm believer in being experimental in all ways. In my opinion, you’ve got nothing to lose.

How have you pushed yourself in your craft?

I am somewhat of an introvert, so pushing myself to meet and work with large teams has definitely challenged me beyond my comfort zone. My most valuable lessons seem to be learned in that space.

What changes would you like to see in the photography community and why?

I feel like with artists it’s easy to crawl inside of your own mind, get comfortable, and isolate yourself. I’d love to see people being more open to collaborating and a less of a competitive attitude. Some of the best best friends I have, I’ve met through through this industry and I would bend over backwards to see them succeed.

What have been the most significant obstacles and challenges for you in your journey?

Again, a challenge for me is stepping out of my shell so coordinating a team and getting everyone involved on the same page can be difficult, but absolutely worth it.

What kinds of concepts and themes do you celebrate with your work the most?

I find myself constantly using motion in my work. Something about using motion, I feel, breathes so much more life into my work. I also really love to be experimental whether it’s with light, posing, movement, etc. So, probably an over all creative vibe is what I strive for and celebrate. (I know that’s somewhat of a braid statement but I hate limits)

Where do you see you and your work going in the future?

I’m so happy to create for the companies and people I work with. I love attracting like minded individuals that love to contribute in the bigger picture. I have such a sense of pride when seeing my work represented by them. That being said, I’d love to see my work stretch onto other things, be it prints, magazines, etc. and celebrate the milestones with the people who helped me create it.

What do you do to kick a creative block to the curb?

Take breaks. It’s important for me to take breaks to give myself some time to breathe. I get ton of inspiration from driving and listening to music. If I find myself slipping, I schedule a break.

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