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Interview: Photographers Mallory & Justin

Interview: Photographers Mallory & Justin

 Portrait Of  Mallory & Justin

Portrait Of Mallory & Justin

The nomadic photographers behind ‘Mallory + Justin’ granted us some of their time while they run a service together and incredible and captivating collections of work between the two of them, we wanted to throw some questions their way and see what they had to say!

So how did your interest and eventually, your pursuit of photography begin?

Our pursuit of photography started as creatives long before we met. We’re both artists in different mediums, it’s nice we can now share this one. I went to school for animation and Mallory for fine art/education. We were always designing and creating. After college Mallory started the photography business and we’ve been working as a team since. Only recently have I become an equally interested/equally contributing member, ha. I’ve developed an interest in emotional portraiture and have been doing some of my own exploration in that world. Mallory pursued photography almost 8 years ago, went full time 5 years ago and has built a brand and a life that we love through this business.

How would you distinguish your style of photography?

Authentic. Cinematic. We hope. We try to make work that represents the people in it, the places they’re in and the emotions they felt. We process with a minimalist approach, we like dark darks and bright highlights but beyond that our style is inspired by emotion, moments and nature.

What was your life like prior to photography?

Hectic. We worked in food and beverage together for a long time, then separately. Long hours, late nights. We had more friends and more get togethers back then but we definitely like this season of life we’re in now. We have a good handle on who we are, where we are going and a small but great group of people cheering for us.

What kinds of things has photography given you that nothing else has?

Freedom. We absolutely love the freedom that owning this business has given us. It took several years of hustle to get to this point but being able to run a successful business AND have the freedom to make our own schedule, travel and have time to enjoy all the hobbies we love…that’s really all we want.

How would you describe the perspective you go through life with?

This is a really good question. We definitely have a few strong perspectives that we carry through life. We live in a renovated camper because living a simple life is very important to us. We also strongly believe in following our hearts and chasing our dreams. Conventional living generally doesn’t make sense to us, it never has, so we always try out the crazy ideas we have before deciding to stick to the norm. Intentionality is probably our most desired perspective. We try to be intentional in everything, down to who we spend time with, what we talk about and how we feel.

What have been some big, defining moment for you?

Well, recently we had some work published in an international wedding magazine…that was cool. We always love when our work gets featured or we get to teach a workshop or something but really, our defining moments are small ones; when couples really love us or we get awesome compliments from guests and family members. Those mean the most to us!

What do YOU feel and see when you look at your work?

Ha, we think it’s hard to look at our own work and feel emotion because we’re always critical and trying to improve different things but we definitely see honesty and natural emotions. We can always feel our couple’s personality, which is something we strive for, so that’s a good feeling.

What are some of your greatest ambitions and goals?

We’ve been talking a lot lately about changing the structure of our business. We’re kind of ready to pass the baton and focus more on personal (read unpaid) creative projects. We love the idea of teaching some of the next generation of creatives how to run successful businesses and wouldn’t be opposed to owning but not operating our business.

Is there anything we didn’t ask about, it can be anything at all, that you’d like to share most?

We’re happy to share a bit of ourselves in this interview. We love this photography community and the people in it who are grinding to keep things real, inspirational and awesome, so thank you!

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