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Interview: Photographer Nick Edmundson

Interview: Photographer Nick Edmundson

A power couple of photography, we got the opportunity to interview Nick, 1/2 of the magnetic duo and learn more about where his start began and how he’s come so far with his partner in time! Make sure to check out the truly extraordinary work they do together on their Instagram!

What made you decide to explore photography and keep going with it?

I first started exploring photography in 2006 when I was living in Chicago and going to automotive school. I didn’t know many people there and was looking for something to fill my free time when I wasn’t working of going to school. I was really into art in high school but prior to buying my first digital camera, I had no other photography training. Back then there weren’t as many resources or new photographers our there (or maybe there were and I just didn’t know about them).

So, my first 6 months to a year was pretty disheartening and I contemplated quitting many time. After a couple years of taking what I considered mediocre photos, I finally started getting the hang of it. I shot as much as I could and learned little things over time. In late 2009 I got into the wedding industry and ended up starting my own business in 2010 after shooting my first few solo weddings. Each year I improved my skills and booked more and more weddings. It was really turning into something I loved and had a very strong passion for. Fast forward to present time and I have shot over 300 weddings and have recently partnered with my fiancé and best friend, Danée, and we sell ourselves as a fun photographer duo! We live for couples who are as adventurous as we are, and we value those who hire us for our art, our vision, and grant us creative freedom to create the most amazing imagery possible on their wedding day. Above all.. We feel as though we are doing exactly what we were meant to do, and we pinch ourselves each morning that we get to wake up and do what we love… With the person we love most!!

How would you describe your vision and style?

Our vision and approach to wedding coverage is very “documentary”. We like capture that day naturally as is unfolds in front of us. Keeping the posed shots to a minimum and focusing on the moments and emotion that make a wedding day special and unique.

What would you say makes your photography your own?

Obviously our style plays a large part in making our photography “ours”. However, we feel that our entire process with our couples is what make us unique. We treat our couples like friends and not clients and usually end up keeping in touch and having beers before and after their big day. We aim to provide a complete experience and care for the people that trust us to create art during such an amazing time in their lives.

What do you aim for with every shot?

Consistency. Our clients hire us based on our portfolio and our vision. Therefore our main goal is to ensure we produce a product we are proud of that is consistent with our style.

What is your favourite thing about being a photographer?

Our favorite thing about being a photographer is meeting new couples, hearing their amazing love story, and then spending their wedding day with them. We have quite a bit of interaction with our couples leading up to the wedding. So by the time the wedding rolls around they are usually more like friends to us. The actual wedding day itself is probably what we enjoy most about what we do!

Is there anything you wish you knew when you first started?

Umm.. everything we know now! That would have saved us years of learning. But in all seriousness, neither Danée or I would be where we are today if we didn’t start somewhere. Learning over time is part of what makes this profession amazing. Even after 10+ years shooting, there is ALWAYS more to learn :).

What do you hope to achieve with your work?

We want to continue to perfect our craft and get better every time we pick up our cameras to shoot. We want to continue to provide amazing photos for our amazing couples. Also, In the next few years we would also love to start working on becoming educators and helping other photographers and people just getting into this industry.

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